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  • About The ManChild Show

    The ManChild Show was established in the summer of 2012 by Founder and CEO of Manchild Technologies, Vintendo. Episode 1 of Season 1 debuted on April 17, 2013 on Blog Talk Radio.
    Season 1 featured guests from the tech world and finished with 10 episodes. While Season 1 was a tech based news show, Season 2 moved on to be a pre-television era style story telling radio show with the crew on the move in their Cum Dumpster. Season 2 debuted later that summer again on Blog Talk Radio. During the mid season break, the show was moved over to Spreaker where it featured its first episode in HD. While Season 1 was a tech based news show, Season 2 moved on to be a 1930's style story telling show with the crew on the move in their Cum Dumpster. Season 3 Came on us all at such a Rate that Things would never be the same again. And now in 2015 The Crew is Back With an All new Season of Adventures in Season 4~!

    Season 2 finished with only 9 episodes due to the departure of Co-Host Niki Nigthshade at last minute who was then replaced with the Tight ass and Amazing tits new Co-host Jilly Bean Flicker. The crew finished off Season 2 in the fall of 2013. In the spring of 2014, during Season 3, the crew retired their Cum Dumpster and settled themselves in a fancy studio in front of a LIVE audience and featured many guests from all walks of life. Later replacing Jilly Bean flickeR with the current Co-host "Dutchie" Nikki Cole

    The Crew


    Ceo and Founder of ManChild Technologies LLC and the host of The ManChild Show
    Follow me

    PrimeTime Pistol Pete "Veteran Comedian and Online newsAbator.PRimeTime Pistol Pete Is always Cocked and Loaded and Never Shoots A Blank! Prime is also The ManChild Show Social Manager. The Twitter Guru Himself.. " Follow me

    Nicole "Dutchie" Cole "Nicole was introduced into the crew on Season 3 when it was Found that jilly bean Flicker had passed away during a selfie accident. "Dutchie" as the crew calls nicole is a talented and great addition to the Crew!" Follow me

    Rev Sir Chano "Known To bless the caps of millions. Sir Chano is a driving Creative force behind the Manchild Show as well as Creative Director on the ManChild Technologies Board." Follow me

    Jesse Boombatts "Co-host and Creater of Such Products like "grandma finger pies" jesse Boombatts Was a Caller on Season 1 and joined the cast half way through the season." Follow me

    Niki NightShaDe *RIP* "Original Co-host on Season 1 debut until season 2... When she disappeared after a late night bulga party... She was Done Doing what she was doing... It was time to move on...The crew dedicated a bucket seat in her Memory. " Follow me

    MAX "Ever wonder Who the Trex on the Manchild Technologies logo is? our Mascot MAX!!" Follow max

    Jilly Bean Flicker *RIP* "Jilly Bean flicker was Thought to Be Season 1's Contest winner to Join the crew on the road for Season 2... it was later found she Was a Cyborg Puss from the MAnChild Technologies Factory, who was later turned into a real Bean at the end of Season 2 " Follow me

    Bustin Justin ""The man Behind The curtains", Bustin Is a Driving Force behind most of the effects that you hear on the ManChild show. Also Credted as the Lead Phone Line handler in Season 1" Follow me

    RoastBeef MudFlap "The voice that can always be heard yelling at the Crew."will somebody get me a LIGHTER!?" Roastbeef has a temper hotter then a Menopausal fat bitch on a hot summers night. " Follow me

    Vrab "Not much is known about the origins of Vrab. He joined The crew one late night after a Salami Lickem nipples all night Rave...He has never left since.. Rumor has it ... Vrab once used to be a pilot..." Follow me

    Mr Butthole Taint "Not much is Known about Mr Taint... Other then he always has bad breath and no one looks Forward to him coughing when he laughs"Follow me
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  • The Hall of Taints

    "Our caps to yours"

    We have had the honor and privilege of having some of the most intresting and well known Special Guests on The ManChild Show

    From Leading Developers in the tech world to The most soft lipped porn stars to some of the best talent the internet has to offer.

    To these Special people we give them the Highest Honor a Manchild can... OUR CAPS TO YOURS!!

    Past special guests

    Alexa Aimes

    exPorn girl.Mathlete.Comedian.Author.Weirdo.Host at SiriusXM and RadioFreaks.TV / Possibly the strangest girl you'll ever meet.
    Follow me

    My Episode

    David Harris

    Magister From The Church of Satan
    Follow me

    My Episode

    Joanna Angel

    The sexy adult Film Star and owner of BurningAngel.com
    Follow me

    My Episode

    Shaun Weiss

    Child Actor from The Mighty Ducks "Goldberg" The goalie
    Follow me

    My Episode


    Jim is a well know themer with with that 420 spin on things.
    Follow me

    My Episode

    Lhey Bella

    Sexy,Talented,Mother and Themer! Her girl based Themes are The perfect compliments to any sexy Manchildet
    Follow me

    My Episode


    The king of the Lockscreen. This cydia Dev Has Reinvented The way we Slide to unlock.Always
    Follow me

    My Episode

    Sorin Nita

    Developer behind popular Cydia tweak LivePapers with Porkholt labs Follow me

    My Episode

    Erik Eisenberg

    Cydia Developer, AudioExplorer, VideoExplorer, CoverArtExplorer, easyNCID (App Store) Follow me

    My Episode

    Sheriff Bad Bart

    A real life Man of the Law comes by to Chat with the crew about getting out of a Ticket and myths about being pulled over Follow me

    My Episode


    A powerful Cydia Dev That was the driving Force behind Putting a Flashlight Toggle on your Lockscreen Follow me

    My Episode


    Rompdezvous... Better than a rendezvous cuz you're naked. ;) She invented the word which got accepted to Urban Dictionary. Follow me

    My Episode

    The Mormon

    THe mormon From Las Vegas came by to Help the crew decide which Team to be on in Religion Warfare. My Episode

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